Glaucoma is one of the most insidious diseases known to humankind. The disease progresses slowly and stealthily, producing few if any symptoms, while causing extensive damage to the eye and advancing toward eventual blindness.
At Midwest Eye Professionals, we strongly urge our patients to schedule routine eye exams so that diseases such as glaucoma can be detected in their earliest stages, when they are most manageable. By the time glaucoma exhibits clear symptoms, irreversible advanced damage has already been done.

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Fortunately, the doctors at Midwest Eye Professionals have a thorough understanding of glaucoma; we utilize advanced technology to assist in diagnosing and monitoring for disease progression. Our eye doctors provide highly effective glaucoma treatment at our Orland Park practice serving the greater Chicago area. While there is no known cure for glaucoma, glaucoma treatment can help to slow or halt the progression of the disease and preserve the patient's precious vision.

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