Alternatives to LASIK

As effective and safe as PRK and LASIK are, many people are hesitant to undergo a surgical procedure that requires the physical alteration of their eyes. While the vast majority of PRK and LASIK patients achieve exceptional results and are extremely pleased with their decisions, it is important that anyone considering these procedures understand that they are permanent. They can be revised, but the corneal tissue that is removed cannot be returned.

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For nearsighted patients who wish to restore their vision and potentially rid themselves of their glasses or contact lenses, phakic IOLs offer a possibly ideal alternative to laser eye surgery. We are pleased to offer the Visian™ Implantable Collamer Lenses at our Orland Park practice serving communities throughout the greater Chicago region.

Visian™ Implantable Collamer Lenses, or ICLs, are used to treat patients with moderate to severe myopia. Collamer is a material that is used exclusively in the Visian™ ICL; it is comprised of collagen, a protein found naturally in the human body, which makes it both extremely supple and biologically compatible. Visian ICLs are inserted through tiny incisions in the cornea and then placed in front of the eye's natural lens. Once placed, Visian™ ICLs are undetectable and provide exceptionally clear, crisp vision.

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